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Lecture on renewable energy sources at asu

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A’ Sharqiya University, represented by the Learning Resource Center, held a lecture on renewable energy sources in the Sultanate of Oman in the Learning Resource Center building. The Lecture was presented by Tariq Omar from College of Engineering. Where he talked about the Sultanate and other Gulf countries dependence on oil and gas to produce electricity and that these resources are not guaranteed to continue forever, which is one of the issues of energy security in the country. He also highlighted the potential problems of traditional energy resources in a global context given global warming and climate change and shift from traditional energy sources to renewable energy resources to become more important in the Sultanate of Oman, because oil and gas reserves which the Sultanate has are relatively low compared to other Gulf countries. On the other hand, Tariq said that although Omanis vision for 2020 and 2040 are emphasizing less reliance on oil and gas, progress towards renewable energy sources is still slow. various research studies have shown that most forms of renewable energy such as wind, solar (photovoltaic and thermal), geothermal, biomass, waves or tides can be adopted in Oman and the potential of solar energy (photovoltaic) and geothermal energy in Oman and the discovery of ways to use these resources to produce electricity. The lecture was attended by a number of university students and employees from the administrative and academic bodies.