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Accommodation and transportation

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As one of the important services provided by A’Sharqiyah University for students who come from areas  outside Ibra, dormitories are considered as a second home by many students. They provide appropriate amenities, comfortable facilities and services such as transportation throughout the day to the University. There is also a supermarket, restaurant, library, TV room, study halls and full kitchens equipped with electrical appliances, such as microwaves, and laundry rooms equipped with washing machines.  The dormitories also offer excursions to different areas in Oman.


University management, represented in student Affairs department, has established a clinic inside the campus and hired a dedicated nurse for the evening shift, also a general practitioner has been employed for the morning shift, the clinic is equipped with all requirements needed for the patient's initial preview along with simple medicines for incidental cases, the University management has expanded the campus clinic to accommodate a sufficient number of pathological cases.
There is a dedicated clinic located on campus staffed by a General Practitioner, and nurse. The clinic is equipped to deal with a patient’s initial preview examination, and stocks a variety of medicines for minor ailments. There is also a dedicated clinic in the student dormitories staffed by a nurse in the evening.